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Stop your dog from running out open doors!


Keep your dog safe

and get them to listen through communication

you both understand!

Having a strong form of communication with your dog is the most effective, permanent way to stop them from running out doors; keeping them inside your home and safe.

There’s no need to feel frustrated or get mad at your dog (and then feel guilty you got mad at them) 😞

Clear Communication with your dog is hands-Down, the most effective way to get them to listen.  It creates a dog that knows exactly what you want and gives you confidence that you have control of your dog.

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Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to build clear communication with your dog.

Get your dog to STOP running outside, no matter what distraction (kids running in or out the door, spouse coming home, visitors coming in).

Learn how to get your dog to sit and Wait For Permission to go outside.


What you’re getting inside of THRESHOLD MANNERS:

Threshold Manners is a 6-Module, Complete, Step-By-Step course that walks your through how to get your dog to stop running out the door.

and instead, sit and wait for permission to go outside!

- 24/7 instant and LIFETIME ACCESS!

- Literally step-by-step. 

You are guided and know exactly what to do!

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Have a well-mannered dog who sits and waits for permission to go outside! 

“His energy level was always a ten.  He was constantly mischievous, obnoxious, and exhausting.  We loved him, but we didn’t always like him.  Our anxiety was high because he would bolt out the door and take off running any chance he could get and we were terrified he’d be hit by a car or get lost and not come back.  I was at the end of my rope.  Now, he is so much more manageable! He’s calmer, listens, and hasn’t “made a break for it” since.  It definitely needs consistent maintenance, but he is an entirely different dog now.  I couldn’t be more thankful that Susan was recommended to me. I would definitely do it again and recommend her to anyone who is struggling.  I needed as much training as he did and it’s been life changing. Everyone tells me what a well-behaved dog he is and that I should train theirs….but the secret is Susan!”

How Much Does Threshold Manners Cost?

There is so much information out there about training your dog.  The circumstance most people find themselves in is one where they have tried, what feels like, technique after technique, spending money and time (that you could be spending on other things: family, hobbies, relaxing) and getting Little To No results.

Dogs with trainer

Their next thought is “Let’s just hire a trainer to train our dog.” Which, you can! You can hire a professional dog trainer to do a Board and Train and expect to pay $2000-$4000 if they are good and have reputable reviews.

Dogs on a Bench

If you’re like me, you want to have a dog that listens and that stays safe without all the time-consuming trial-and-error and while keeping the cost down.  The only solution is to build clear communication with your dog YOURSELF.


And you can build this clear communication with your dog for just $147!

Plus, your investment is fully backed by our 30-Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

If this course does not give you the results you are looking for, or you are not fully satisfied, simply email my team for a full refund! Your success is my success.

So the time to act is NOW. If you want to get lasting results with your dog, this is THE LAST TIME you will get Threshold Manners for only $147

About Your Instructor: 

I’m Susan Koncewicz

and it is through my work with my own dog and countless client’s dogs that I have found my passion of helping frustrated, desperate owners take control of their dogs. My joy is to help owners build a connection and relationship with their dogs.  Why?  

Because Every Dog Can Be Trained. 

Let me show you how.

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