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How Are We Different?

Our training approach encompasses the whole dog.  You teach your dog all of their commands and then use those commands to expose them to anything and everything!  You then take this training and use it to have your dog fit seamlessly into your home, your life, your routine.  Whatever this may look like.  If you want your dog to relax calmly in the house, not run around like a crazy nut, you got it!  If you want your dog to stop jumping on guests, barking, lunging at cats, pulling on the leash, eating dog poop, running out the door, etc, you got it!  We can see about making any scenario, any dream, happen!  Just ask!

We Will Be Your Last Dog Trainer

Yes.  That's correct. If you use us as your dog trainer, we will give you the skills to live happily with your dog for life!  Our training is meant to be used as a lifestyle. 

What this means is you will develop a new relationship with your dog using the training your dog now has.  When first beginning training, you will be required to work with your dog each day so you can develop this new relationship.  Within a few weeks' time, the training will become easier for both you and your dog and instead of it feeling like "work", your relationship will feel easy, effortless.

How Do We Train?

We are balanced trainers.  Balanced dog training is using both reward and punishment.  We encourage wanted behaviors through rewards and we punish unwanted behaviors. Rewards can be food, affection, verbal praise, or play.  Punishments can be compressed air, prong collar leash pop, ecollar correction, spatial pressure, etc.

You will start by training your dog all the obedience commands and minimizing any chance for the dog to do an unwanted behavior (therefor minimizing corrections in the beginning).  Once the dog is trained on the obedience commands, you then use them to expose your dog to the world, including their specific triggers.  You then hold your dog accountable for listening to the commands despite those triggers going on around them.  This makes it very clear to your dog and removes any of the confusion you may see in your dog if sometimes they seem to understand what you ask, and other times they do the total opposite.  

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