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Online Coaching

Discover how to have a better relationship with your dog so you are no longer frustrated with their behaviors, but rather have a companion who is always on the same page as you!  Calls are held at regular intervals to ensure you and your dog reach your desired goals quickly. Your dog gets to learn in THEIR environment; making training less stressful and more fun.

Private/1-on-1 Coaching

If you have a dog that may need a bit more personalized help or you would like to sit down 1-on-1 with Susan, Private Coaching is the option for you!


Susan will sit down with you and discuss your training goals as well as see your pup in action. She will then put together a custom training game plan with easy to implement homework. You will watch your relationship with your dog change. Giving you a dog that finally listens and one that you fully enjoy!  


If you'd like to sign up for this exclusive program, click the button and tell us a bit more about your dog and your training goals!

Have you ever felt alone in your dog training journeyGroup Coaching puts you in a supportive environment with other dog owners who are struggling with their dogs as well. 


Join other pet parents as we tackle skills such as: leash manners, stopping jumping, nipping, barking, etc, teaching here, down, place, or any other goals you may have! 


Group coaching opens up quarterly throughout the year. Reserve your seat for the next group coaching spot today so you don't wait any longer to reach your goals with your dog

Group Coaching

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