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Pack Leader Dog Training

A mindset coach for dogs
and their humans



My name is Susan and I've had a connection to animals from a very young age.  I became a veterinary technician 10 years ago and it was through my work in the veterinary setting that I took a real interest in behavior.  I quickly became known as the tech that enjoyed working with the more difficult patients, whether it be an extremely shy dog or an aggressive pet.  I wanted to take this gift that I have working with dogs with behavior issues and help not only clients of the veterinary hospital I worked at but the surrounding communities. This is why I created Pack Leader Dog Training.  Since creating this business, I have studied different techniques from various trainers to find which methods rang true with me and have come to love balanced training.  Balanced training is using both rewards and punishments.  I have developed my training programs to be individual in that it encompasses the WHOLE dog and is individually personalized to each dog and family. My goal is to improve the relationship between dogs and their people, making for a more balanced dog and human. 

You CAN enjoy your dog.

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